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professional tanning solutions

Tanning is a popular ‘profit centre' in many companies, either as the core business or as an extra service. The attractive range of Luxura sunbeds therefore offers solutions for all these different entrepreneurs and their varying requirements - from basic models for smaller spaces to those offering absolute luxury. There are horizontal or vertical models, a wide range of optional features and fabulous colour variants.

  • Luxura X10

    Luxura X10 is clearly the most sophisticated product within the Luxura range of sunbeds. Its combination of cool design and powerful efficiency offers an extraordinary tanning experience.

  • Luxura X7

    The stylish appearance of the X7 is combined with absolute quality in technique. This reflects in a compact, yet very comfortable tanning area and great tanning results!

  • Luxura X5

    Luxura X5 with its pioneering design is your entry to premium tanning in this product segment.

  • Luxura X3

    Luxura X3 is how easiness is spelled: It is the strong all-round talent to enter the Luxura segment. X3 displays a fresh, compact and up-to-date design.

  • Luxura V10

    Luxura V10 is the absolute evolution in the premium product range of vertical tanning beds. There is nothing quite like this impressive unit.

  • Luxura V8

    The Luxura V8 has a dazzling design that illuminates from the beautiful top to bottom. The smooth, high quality fi nishing –with no visible fastening materials emphasizes it’s stylish appearance.

  • Luxura V6

    Luxura V6 is the entry level vertical tanning bed with a fresh, up-to-date design that comes in a beautiful Crystal White colour.