all benefits of the atlas premium XFold


    Atlas Premium XFold


    PREMIUM-GRIP mounting system

    Mounting the carrier on the tow bar is as easy as 1-2-3. Place, lock, secure, and you're ready to go! Thanks to the stability of the carrier after placing it on the tow bar, you can make any necessary adjustments easily and quickly with the adjustment knob. The lock on the mounting system ensures that the bike carrier cannot be detached without a key.



    fully foldable

    The Hapro Atlas Premium XFold is fully foldable and therefore very easy to mount on the tow bar, and compact when stored. This makes the carrier very user-friendly. Thanks to the wheels, you can roll the folded carrier effortlessly from A to B. In its compact, folded position the carrier can then be mounted on the tow bar. Next, the wheel holders can be unfolded and secured, and the handle together with irs frame holders, can be easily positioned at the right height. 



    tilting system

    The bike carrier is designed for easy tilting, even with bicycles in place. This way, you can access the trunk without having to remove the bikes. 



    maximum stability

    To ensure maximum stability of the bikes on the carrier, the wheel holders are fitted with an additional attachment to the front wheel. All quick release straps are equipped with a rubber rim protector for optimal protection of the rims and a firm but soft attchment of the wheels to the wheel holders. 



    theft prevention

    The Atlas Premium XFold is equipped with locks on the mounting system and on the frame holders, which prevents both the carrier and the attached bicycles from being detached without a key.