All benefits of the Atlas premium.


    Hapro Atlas Premium


    MASTER-GRIP mounting system

    The Hapro Atlas Premium is equipped with a quick mounting system that secures the carrier with just a flick of the wrist on any common tow bar. The new, ergonomic handle makes it even easier to attach the carrier. 



    MODERN light board

    The new, attractively designed light board gives the bike carrier a sleek and modern appearance. Thanks to the foldable light units, the number plate can be easily slid in place ánd the lights are protected when storing the carrier.



    Wheel holders

    The adjustable wheel holders can be easily slid back an forth, so the bike wheels can be positioned perfectly before beng secured in place with the quick-release straps.



    tilting system

    The carrier is designed to tilt, allowing you access to the trunk of the car without taking the bikes off. 



    theft prevention

    The Atlas Premium is equipped with locks on the mounting system and on the fram clamps, which prevents both the carrier and the attached bikes from being removed without a key.