Hapro Nordic A standout.

The Hapro Nordic provides extra space in a stylish, elegant design. Narrow and sleek on the outside, yet large and spacious inside. The combination of quality and ease of use with a slender aerodynamic design makes it complete. Whether you are heading out for a weekend or an extended holiday, the Nordic is a valuable investment in travel comfort. This model is also outstanding for winter ski holidays; it easily holds 8 or 9 pairs of skis with a maximum length of 2.20 m. The Hapro Nordic is available in one type and colour: the 10.8 Brilliant Black. Are you ready to expand your life? 

    Nordic 10.8

    1. Contents 460 L
    2. 226 x 94 x 32 cm
    3. Opening left and right
    4. Central locking system
    5. Suitable for ± 8-9 pair of skis
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