Material & colour

    The strong and shock-resistant ABS/PMMA synthetic material of the Hapro Trivor is highly UV-resistant.


    Reinforced bottom

    The metal reinforcement rails over the entire length of the bottom provide strength and stability.


    Opening & locking

    Ergonomic handle

    Opening and closing the Trivor is effortless. The ergonomic handle ensures remarkably smooth operation. That way you always have one hand free when opening the roof box.


    Opening assist

    The handle activates a mechanism (opening assist) that lifts the lid a few centimetres. This makes opening the roof box a piece of cake.


    Innovative locking system

    When the roof box is closed, the handle automatically retracts, and you hear a click. This tells you with absolute certainty that the roof box is securely closed. Lid down. Click. Ready!


    Keyless ease of use

    The innovative locking system allows you to close the box safely and securely. Without the need for a key. You only use it if you really want to lock the roof box.



    Mounting of the roof box to the car's roof bars is a snap thanks to the patented Premium-Fit quick mounting system. It is a single piece, so there is no fiddling about with separate clamps and other accessories. With a simple twist of the knob you engage the clamps that firmly grip the roof bars.


    Handy, too, is the built-in ‘tight is tight’ safety mechanism: a ratcheting torque indicator tells you exactly when the clamps have been tightened far enough and the roof bars are firmly clasped. You then press the lock button and can be on your way, confident that everything is safe. The system fits perfectly on roof bars of any type, with a maximum width of 95 mm.